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Whether you are after a family sized spa or a spa for two

we have a spa pool to fit your purpose.

Your new Sapphire spa is Australia made from the highest quality materials.

Simple to use and made with the best quality materials, we have something to suit your budget and also offer finance.





We’ve chosen to start our range with a choice of compact spas; smaller in dimension but this does not mean they’re limted on power. Within our compact spa range are some of our highest spec’d models with powerful hydrotherapy and recliners as comfortable as a lounge chair with jets to massage you from head to toe. These spas are 2m or smaller and best suited to a couple or family with younger kids. Younger children can easily share a benchseat or smaller seat with less jets. They fit well on small patios and backyards with limited space. myPartner sets the benchmark for compact spa desgin with it’s undercut footwell creating the space typical of a much larger spa model.


If you will have more than 2 adults in your spa, you should move up to one of our family sized spas to make sure Mum and Dad get a seat or recliner full of therapeutic jets. Once your kids are teenagers, they’ll need a seat of their own so you’re not pushed aside. Make sure you allow enough space for everybody’s feet to comfortably rest once your spa is full; most Sapphire spas have extra depth or undercut footwells to give you more room for longer legs and bigger feet. Most family spas have 2 pumps around 60 jets and most are over 2m square. The comfort and design of myObsession was created with performance in mind; his & hers loungers cater to the height difference between men and women and our leg massage jet system provides a full body massage.


We categorise these spas as luxurious because they are much larger in size; around 2.3m square, and most are equipped with 3 pumps to power around 70 jets. In these higher spec’d spas, every seat has enough hydrotherapy jets to provide a strong massage. If you sit in these spas, you’ll notice that the loungers are longer & the seats are deeper with more space overall & in the footwell. We’re most proud of our flagship model, myExtravagance. Our top of the line spa pool is the complete package; fully spec’d with 3 pumps to power multiple hot seats, multi-port cohuna jets and a lounger with it’s own personalised control panel.


Sapphire plunge pools are the ideal alternative to the typical backyard swimming pool BUT you can jump in all year round. With our economical heating systems and the smaller body of water, it’s realistic to keep your plunge pool warm all winter and then cool it down for the summer months with a heat and cool pump.

We like to add a couple of swim jets at the pool end of for you to have a light exercise or for the kids to play in the jet stream. The wide steps & open plan layout of M5watersedge is ideal for child’s play & toddler splashing.

Our plunge pools are completely factory built so can be installed in a day once your site has been prepared, either as a DIY project or with the help of selected tradesmen. If power to your site is limited then a plunge pool may be your best option as they don’t require as much power as our powerful 4 swim jet models.

Our fully inclusive quote will detail every aspect of Sapphire’s promise to deliver your chosen plunge pool, complete and ready to enjoy. We can quote & organise delivery including crane, if required.

Why Sapphire Spas?

Swim spas & spa pools made for New Zealand by Sapphire Spas; an Australian owned company synonymous with design, quality and innovation
Sapphire Spas are manufactured in Australia with optimum components, sourced from the very best within the industry; every Sapphire Spa is backed by our lifecare commitment for peace of mind. We are Australian made & owned and are proud of the product quality we have achieved. You are not a number at Sapphire Spas, you can contact us at any time to check in on the progress of your much awaited new purchase.
We have the largest retail store network throughout New Zealand. A selection of our most popular ranges is held at our warehousing facilties in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, to support our retail showrooms throughout New Zealand. Custom build choices are also available from our Australian manufacturing plant.

We know your spa is one of the most exciting purchases you make, along with a car and home, so we make the experience special. Your new spa will be hand delivered by your local Sapphire Spas team then protected by our lifecare commitment backup via phone support, mySpa@Home tutorials and YouTube video demonstrations.
If you have any questions about your new spa purchase, we’re located nearby to help. Sapphire Spas have partnerships with pool & spa stores throughout New Zealand to provide you with a local showroom, delivery, service and support

Swimming Pools

Bay Milking Equipment provide low cost Do-It-Yourself swimming pools that are proudly manufactured in New Zealand.

Originally known as the Para Pool and Clark Pool, our Paramount Pools have long been a feature in kiwi backyards. Generations of children have learned to swim in Paramount Pools, and over the last 40 years thousands of families have decided to to make an investment that is better than a beach in your own backyard!

Our Lido and Big- Six swimming pools can be installed either in-ground or above-ground and are designed for a decked or tiled finish.

All Paramount Pools are made from high quality steel walls (made in Christchurch) and lined with a smooth, antislip ABGAL Liner (Made in Brisbane). The pump, filter, plumbing, stainless ladder, skimmer and cleaning vacuum equipment are also all made in New Zealand.

In-ground Swimming Pools

Above-ground Swimming Pools


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