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  • Unique cleaning formulation.
  • Contains surfactants, chelating agents, water softeners and emulsifiers.
  • Use before draining and refilling your spa.
  • Suitable for all spas and spa baths.
  • Classified as Non-Dangerous Good.
  • Prevents scale build-up in plumbing lines and jets.
  • Breaks down body oils and other organic wastes.
  • Prevents re-deposition of solids in pipes.
  • Promotes better circulation and filtration.
  • Storage and transport friendly.
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Swirl Away is a specially formulated cleaner for removing waste and scale build-up in spas and their plumbing.

Swirl Away Pipe Cleaner for Spas, Spa baths and Hot tubs

  • Pipe cleaner and degreaser
  • Clears blocked pipelines and jets.
  • Prevents build up of solid deposits
  • Dissolves accumulated bath and body oils.

Spa Baths: Pour150ml of Swirl Away into the bath filled with hot water.  Turn pump/timer on for 15 minutes.  Drain tub and rinse with clean water.  Repeat this procedure monthly or as required.

Spas and Hot Tubs: Pour 250ml of Swirl Away into the spa or hot tub before draining.  Turn the pump on at high speed for 1 hour. Drain and resume normal maintenance procedures. Repeat this procedure monthly or as required.

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