Silver Cove Spa Pool Sanitiser 5 Litres

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Replace harsh toxic chemicals with the health and skin-enhancing virtues of Colloidal Silver.Silver Cove is Salud Health Products’ simple and elegant solution for a pristine, crystalline spa without compromising your body or the health of your family and friends.


Silver Cove’s colloidal formula:

  • Environmentally safe and natural, eliminating the need for Chlorine and Bromine.
  • Based on a unique formula of colloidal minerals and oxygen to deal with all pathogens and algae.
  • Colloidal Silver is widely acknowledged for its therapeutic effect on many skin problems – enhancing and normalising, rather than irritating, the condition of your skin (and respiratory membranes).
  • Odourless and tasteless.
  • Saves money and energy as it does not require continual pump usage to keep water circulating.
  • Can be used in any model spa pool.
  • Is entirely flexible and adjustable (using less or more product) according to conditions, level and manner of spa pool usage.
  • Easy, low maintenance usage. No need to test water or balance pH.
  • Lets you luxuriate with peace of mind in a pool that serves the purpose you originally intended – relaxation, health and well-being.

Ingredients:An all natural, non-toxic formulation of Colloidal Silver and Copper enhanced with Oxygen.

Directions for Use: 
Initial Treatment:
Drain, clean and refill spa pool. Add 2 litres of Salud’s Silver Cove formula for every 1000 litres of pool water.

Once a week thereafter, add ½ litre (500 ml) per 1000 litres of pool water to be sanitised.

At any sign of decreased water clarity/quality or when spa is under heavy usage, has long exposure to direct sunlight or is contaminated with suntan lotions, sunscreens, etc., increase weekly treatment amount by 100 ml increments until clear.

As with any type of sanitiser, periodic draining, cleaning and reinitiating the product’s protocol is recommended to ensure consistent spa water quality.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 12 cm


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